hi, i'm gianna

thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and my internship with christian union at brown!

About me

I grew up in the Philippines and was raised in a Christian home. I came to know Jesus at a very young age, but did not truly make my faith my own until I moved to the United States in 2011. My faith grew stronger when I attended Brown University, where I got involved in Christian Union, learned the necessity of community, and saw the need for Jesus' love.

Christian Union at Brown

Christian Union seeks to create an environment that develops thoughtful and mature Christian leaders who will serve the Brown campus and engage one another in selfless, authentic community.

As a full-time intern for the school year, I will:

We have hope that with God’s help, the support of ministry staff, community, and Bible studies, students will not only leave Brown stronger in their walk with God than when they entered. We also hope they will enter into their sector of influence able to invite others into the gospel and redeem the way their work is done.

Partner with me!

Please consider prayerfully supporting me, and if you feel led, contributing financially.

My role is to be your hands and feet at Brown leading Bible studies, discipling students, supporting our full-time ministry staff, loving students through the pressures and struggles of college, and working with student leaders in planning retreats, outreach events, and other weekly ministry events.

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